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No More Balloons?

We all love them. Pretty balloons floating in the air. Latex balloons with their bright colors that you can use to decorate for parties, weddings, retirements, birthdays and numerous other occasions. Or the mylar balloons which are the big silver balloons that have all the sayings on them that last for a week or two..…

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Gate Codes and Phone Numbers

Why is it important to give us gate codes if the person you are sending flowers to lives in a gated community? Well, gated communities are difficult to deliver to. Generally there are 2 types of gated communities. 1: Gated with a call box or key pad; and 2: Guarded with a security guard. Each…

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Hello world!

Welcome to The Flower Cart’s blog! Here we will be giving out helpful information on flower and plant care, fun snippets of our day, funny situations or whatever else crosses our minds. Check back often and join in on conversations!

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