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No More Balloons?

We all love them. Pretty balloons floating in the air. Latex balloons with their bright colors that you can use to decorate for parties, weddings, retirements, birthdays and numerous other occasions. Or the mylar balloons which are the big silver balloons that have all the sayings on them that last for a week or two.. We all have given and received them. But, are they soon to be a thing of the past?

For years there has been a helium shortage. Helium is a natural resource and can not be man made. It is used in more than just balloons though. It has applications in the medical industry, diving, transportation, various types of research and technical production.

We have started to explore options for balloons, like air filled balloons. We are keeping our options open, and trying multiple different ideas to be able to still include balloons that are just not filled with helium.

So, our stand on it is that we will continue to use our current helium tank, but once it is up, we will not be refilling it. Until we can find an acceptable replacement for this natural resource we believe that balloons are not an acceptable use of this resource. There are way more important uses for it that benefit humankind than a balloon that floats in the air to signify that it’s your birthday.

Check out these articles that have been written on the Helium shortage:

The New York Times article 5/16/2019

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